Jobs in Jaipur

Jaipur in Rajasthan is also known as Pink city. Jobs in various segment is available here. Tourism Jobs are most available here. This is because people from all the over comes to visit this city. This city is very famous for it’s heritage and also for it’s historical memories. It still carry the reminiscence of the Mughal era and much beyond it.  Another reason Jaipur is popular is because of its handicrafts and embroidery works which are most dominating in this city of India.

There are also jobs available in FMGC sector as well in Jaipur.  Along with FMGC sector Garment Industry Jobs, IT Software Jobs, Tourism Jobs, handicrafts and embroidery Jobs, Jewelry design Jobs are also there. Jobs In Jaipur Metro, Hotel Jobs, PHP Developer, Software Developer, Web Designer Jobs, Marketing Executive jobs are also been found, dairy industry jobs in Jaipur Rajasthan in also quite popular.