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Jobs that Can Pay Women Good Salary in India

For ages, the women in India remain weaker, fragile and always taken for granted. Majority of families even today only think to get her married off. They are considered as less intelligent than men and are best suited for home. But now women have proved everybody wrong and struggled a lot and made their way to earn money and respect both. There are few jobs in which women are required more than men and also they earn more.
Here is a list where we can see a better woman performer than man

This is one profession Education & Teaching & Administration Jobs where women are inevitable because this profession is considered ideal for them as it is presumed that women have more patience, compassion, tenacity and endurance. Also this is one job that has long holidays, less pressure and very good timing. All schools have day time, so women feel secure and at the same time they can give quality time to family also.

HR Job
The number of women in HR and recruitment has been rising over the past 13-15years. This is because the primary skill for this profession is decent personality, good communication skills and convincing power. The HR mainly acts as a middle man between a company’s management and employees and primarily ensures that the company work culture is healthy and positive. They ensure the new recruits as well as parting employees of the company. On top of it, this is a completely in-office job can one can earn more money as she goes higher up the ladder with skill and experience.

PR (Public Relations) Job-
The job of Public Relation is to look after the branding and image of the company or any personality. In any PR organization women who are dynamic, smart and outspoken are required to manage the job. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, women cover almost 63 percent of public relations specialists and 59 percent are PR managers. This is because women have a natural charm and grace and also they are expertise in the art of communication. Their conversation and communication as a public relations officer increases sales and reputation of the clients.

This is one job that generally women dream off but cannot fulfill, because this job requires beauty of body and mind both, but this is essentially a job of women only as the name suggests Air hostess. The pay package is very high but getting selected in this job is tough. The criteria are to have minimum 5’-5’’ height, excellent English communication and a very charming personality with grace.  Along with that you need to be smart, confident and extremely dedicated during your working hours. The glamorous profession has a huge scope of travel around the globe. In the beginning you can fly around your own country and then whole world is your domain.