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How to be a good team player

We all know we are individuals and we have every right to speak our mind. But while working in an office we must follow certain decorum and it’s very important to maintain professionalism and we must learn what to say so that we can be a good team player.

We must understand in today’s cut throat competition it is very important to be wise and intelligent and not to speak whatever you feel like, because one irresponsible word can spoil your reputation, your relationship with your colleague, boss and you can come under their bad books for ever.

In work place we must follow one thing that our words will reflect our personality so we need to choose our words very carefully. 


Here is a small list of what we must not speak in work place:

  1. “This work is not allotted to me”:  In work place we have to work as a team where everyone has been defined with a role. Sometimes it might happen that some colleagues need our help in some work, it’s not a good practice to be rude to them rather helping them is a good practice because someday we might need someone’s help. But we also need to make sure our own work should not be hampered in the process and we should not be taken for granted.

  2. “The fault is not mine”: In a team work we can’t afford to say mean minded things like this because it only shows our negative attitude towards work and we are not capable of taking any responsibilities. In future we will not be provided with good opportunities just because of this attitude of ours.

  3. “Let me see, will try”: These words will bring a negativity in our boss’s mind who will think that we are not interested and may be will not full fill the duties as he is expecting.

  4. “I had no option left”: this is not so reasonable on our part if we just give up just like that, we must try and then if we fail then higher authority will surely understand the issue. But more than achieving commitment towards the work is more important and it counts.

  5. “It’s an impossible task for me to do”: We need to give our 100% in every work we are doing or whatever responsibility we are given. Dedication and commitment is the keyword for success.

  6. “Why me! It’s so unfair”: It’s again a very wrong attitude to make ourselves victim. Office is not a place of displaying emotions rather it is a place of showing your confidence, strength and abilities.

  7. “I knew it will happen”: May be sometimes we are right, our worries are all coming true but it’s no point cribbing about those especially when it hurts someone else. Rather try to overcome it.

  8. “Why I am wrong if he and I did it in the same way?”  It’s very important to mind our own business and not others. Doing the work properly that has been allotted to us is enough?

  9. “Please listen to what I have to say”: It’s no point pleading and requesting in any issues, rather we must approach in a firm manner about our proposition.

  10. “Here is my Resignation”: Well this statement is disastrous of all and we can surely find ourselves out of job if we have this attitude. Every problem has a solution or even if we can’t solve it, it’s no point we talk rubbish before our managers regarding quitting the job. We will be assumed as whimsical, melodramatic and egoistic. And such people have no place in any company.