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How to mention about Ideal Work environment in Job Interview

This is very common question of "how to describe your ideal work environment for a job interview" in any job interview and you should be ready with your answer and hence you must practice it while preparing for job interview. The main objective to answering this question is to elaborate he factors that you appreciate that relate to the company, without appearing too practiced and dishonest.

Preparation of Speech
While asking many questions in your interview, the recruiter will bring this question all of a sudden. The clear motive behind this question is to figure out whether you fit-in this company or not, whether your vie matches with the actual environment of the work in the company. You can prepare  by doing a thorough research about the company before going for interview and you can answer without making it obvious.

 Connecting With your Comment

 The priority is to identify two - three attributes of what you consider as ideal workplace should fit with the organization where you have come for interview. Being genuine is most important here. Choose keywords like positive vibration, opportunity of growth, less office politics and healthy relationship between colleagues, these are key attributes that stays in all work place. You may also add , "I am quite flexible, but I've always enjoyed working in organizations with a positive energy, where there are opportunities for growth and development and friendly colleagues the most."

 Ambition is important
Show ambition in your answer. Because the people sitting on the opposite site will be judging you based on your answer, they will always look that whether you are looking for a career, want to learn or you just want a salary. So  make your ambition your career, growth and development.

Choose to Avoid
The biggest thing to avoid is being mechanical and not genuine. Don’t say what your interviewer wants to hear but tell what you genuinely feel about your ideal work place should or you would love to have that type of work place.